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Midwest Publishing organization Award of Excellence (Scholarly/Reference) 2014 Readers' selection Awards Honorable point out The Encyclopedia of old Christianity covers 8 centuries of the Christian church and contains 3,220 entries by means of a workforce of 266 students from 26 international locations representing a number of Christian traditions. It attracts upon such fields as archaeology, paintings and structure, biography, cultural reports, ecclesiology, geography, background, philosophy, and theology. This three-volume encyclopedia bargains remarkable, finished insurance of the folk, areas and ideas of historical Christianity.

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Human Rights, Virtue and the Common Good: Untimely Meditations on Religion and Politics (Collected Essays, Volume 3)

Writer be aware: Brian Benestad (Editor)

Volume 3 of Ernest Fortin: amassed Essays discusses the present nation of Christianity—especially twentieth-century Catholic Christianity—and the issues with which it has needed to combat in the middle of fast medical growth, profound social swap, and becoming ethical anarchy.

In this quantity, Fortin discusses such themes as Christianity and the liberal democratic ethos; Christianity, technological know-how, and the humanities; Ancients and Moderns; papal social concept; advantage and liberalism; pagan and Christian advantage; and the yank Catholic church and politics.

The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason

Finally of religion, Sam Harris supplies a startling research of the conflict among cause and faith within the glossy international. He bargains a bright, ancient travel of our willingness to droop cause in want of non secular beliefs—even while those ideals motivate the worst human atrocities. whereas caution opposed to the encroachment of prepared faith into global politics, Harris attracts on insights from neuroscience, philosophy, and japanese mysticism to bring a decision for a really glossy beginning for ethics and spirituality that's either secular and humanistic.

Hafiz and the Religion of Love in Classical Persian Poetry (International Library of Iranian Studies, Volume 25)

The romantic lyricism of the nice Persian poet Hafiz (1315-1390) is still widespread all over the world. fresh exploration of that lyricism by way of Iranian students has printed that, as well as his masterful use of poetic units, Hafiz's verse is deeply steeped within the philosophy and symbolism of Persian love mysticism.

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Milan 1991); A. Russi, I pastori e l’esposizione degli infanti nella tarda legislazione imperiale e nei documenti epigrafici: MEFRA 88 (1986) 855-898; J. M. Rawson, Alumni: the Italian evidence: ZPE 83 (1990) 1-19; M. Memmar, Ad servitutem aut ad lupanar. . V. Harris, Child Exposure in the Roman Empire: JRS 84 (1994) 1-22; G. Nathan, The Family in Late Antiquity: The Rise of Christianity and the Endurance of Tradition, London-New York 2000; B. Stawoska, Einige Bemerkungen zur Onomastik und Prosopographie christlicher Inschriften für Alumnen, in Prosopographica, L.

Augustine developed this *typology, sacrifice (Ambrose, De incar. 1,4). , basing it upon Heb 12:24 (Contr. Faustum 12,9-10). they are normally represented on *sarcophagi ofThe parallelism between the blood that “cries out” fering their gifts to God (Gen 4:3-4): Abel, a shepand the interceding blood is found in other Fathers herd and guardian of the flock, offers a lamb; Cain, also (*Greg. , Or. , Adv. Iud. an agricultural offering, the fruits of the earth: at 8,8). , of the suffering Christ grapes (Rome, Museo Pio Crist.

From their writings we know that he gave significant impetus to a literary genre typical of the Persian church, whose roots can be traced to *Narsai and *Jacob of Sarug: the “explanations” or “causes,” treatises aimed at illustrating the rationale for liturgical celebrations, the *sacraments and the underlying theology of the latter—a theology that, being rooted in the liturgy, was more developed in its historical-salvific dimension than in a more technical *christological or *trinitarian dimension.

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