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By Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf fue una lectora y una ensayista muy aguda y penetrante, como lo demuestran sus ensayos sobre literatura de todos los tiempos: Defoe, Austen, Elliot, Conrad, Donne..., en definitiva, l. a. tradición literaria en l. a. que quiso verse y a los angeles que quiso contestar. Estos textos son el complemento excellent a su narrativa, además de un volumen esencial en su Biblioteca de Autor publicada por Lumen.

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Oncemore, the law of the Fief is the law of a court. r inherited from the days of Charles the . 'Great, But it was the one he valued most, because it brought him in a steady revenue, in fees and fines, and enabled him to keep an eye on what was happening among his vassals. 'Moreover, long after the military, the fiscal, and the administrative powers of the ,eigneur had disappeared or become unimportant, his judiciary powers remained almost intact. 2. JENKS: TEUTONIC LAW 45 So feudallaw is essentially a law of courts.

Cit. ; Conrat, 0p. cit. i. ~; Brunner, op. cit. I, 8840. 1 1863. See also Tardif, 26 I. BEFORE THE NORMAN CONQUEST and Becket has a long Frankish prologue. 1 Some concessions had been won from the Merovingians; but still Charles the Great had been supreme over all persons and in all causes. Though his realm fell asunder, the churcheswere united, and united by a principle that claimed a divine origin. They were rapidly evolving law which was in course of time to be the written law of an universal and theocratic monarchy.

487-8; Viollet, op. cit. 152. Schroder, op. cit. 6g4: ·Vom 10. bis 19. " • Oman, The Dark Ages, 511. 28 I. N CONQUEST Alfred, and then we have laws from almost every king: from Edward, lEthelstan, Edmund, Edgar, lEthelred, and Cnut. The age of the capitularies begins with Alfred, and in some sort it never ends, for William the Conqueror and Henry I take up the tale. 1 Whether in the days of the Confessor, whom a perverse, though explicable, tradition honoured as a pre-eminent lawgiver, we were not on the verge of an age without legislation, an age which would but too faithfully reproduce some bad features of the Frankish decadence,is a question that is not easily answered.

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