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Tomando como punto de partida l. a. vieja leyenda judía del monstruoso gólem, un ser synthetic fabricado por un rabino que le insuflaba l. a. vida escondiéndole en l. a. boca un pedazo de pergamino con una palabra mágica escrita en él, el maestro de l. a. literatura fantástica Gustav Meyrink teje con overall brillantez una novela poética y cautivadora que atrapa al lector desde el principio y ya no lo suelta. Son muchos los que han glosado las bondades de "El gólem", y en palabras de Jorge Luis Borges, uno de esas larga lista de notables enamorados de l. a. obra del escritor vienés: "Novalis anheló alguna vez ¿narraciones oníricas, narraciones inconsecuentes, regidas por asociación, como sueños¿. Tan fácil es componer narraciones de esas como imposible es componerlas de modo que no sean ilegibles. "El gólem" ¿increíblemente¿ es onírico y es lo contrario de ilegible. Es l. a. vertiginosa historia de un sueño. En los primeros capítulos (los mejores) el estilo es admirablemente visible; en los últimos arrecian los milagros de folletín (...). No sé si "El gólem" es un libro importante; sé que es un libro único".

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1806 Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, a leading general in Napolȳon舗s army who has fallen into disfavor, dies, leaving his family impoverished. Young Dumas receives a limited education and becomes attracted to the popular literature of the time. 1817- 1820 Dumas takes a job as a solicitor舗s clerk in Villers-Cotterȴts. At eighteen he meets Adolphe de Leuvan, a young exiled Swedish aristocrat through whom Dumas is introduced to the Parisian theater scene. 1822- 1823 Dumas relocates to Paris. With help from his father舗s military colleagues and because of his elegant handwriting, he becomes a copyist for the Duke of Orlȳans, the future King Louis-Philippe of France, whose palace houses the royal ThȳȦtre-Franȱais.

Indeed, the women in this novel are, with few exceptions, most often presented in an unflattering light. Like Anne of Austria, the Duchesse de Chevreuse has abandoned a child舒Raoul de Bragelonne舒and seems to have set political intrigue and self-interest above more traditionally female pursuits and values. 21 The Queen Mother suffers the acute pains of breast cancer, a disease whose symbolic significance is as undeniable as is its historical veracity (see chapter 4, where we learn that her pains first struck on the King舗s birthday).

While the first part of that play舗s title is somewhat enigmatic舒there were, over the centuries, so many prisoners in the Bastille舒the subtitle clearly points to the place that the captive舗s story occupies in Dumas舗s celebrated novel. What I mean is that the book known in English-language editions as The Man in the Iron Mask is in fact the final segment of a much longer novel known to French readers as Le Vicomte de Bragelonne; ou, Dix Ans plus tard (The Viscount de Bragelonne; or, Ten Years Later).

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