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By John Steinbeck

Set within the wealthy farmland of the Salinas Valley, California, this strong, frequently brutal novel, follows the interwined destinies of 2 households - the Trasks and the Hamiltons - whose generations hopelessly re-enact the autumn of Adam and Eve and the toxic competition of Cain and Abel. right here Steinbeck created a few of his so much memorable characters and explored his so much enduring topics: the secret of indentity; the inexplicability of affection, and the murderous results of love's absence.

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He thought he would stay outside in the darkness until his father and Alice went to bed. He felt that he could not answer any questions, because he did not know any answers, and trying to find one was harsh to his battered mind. Dizziness edged with blue lights came fringing his forehead, and he knew that he would be fainting soon. He shuffled slowly up the road with wide-spread legs. At the stoop he paused, looked in. The lamp hanging by its chain from the ceiling cast a yellow circle and lighted Alice and her mending basket on the table in front of her.

Did you think you were fooling me? ” Adam cast about for an answer. ” Cyrus released the arm and hobbled back to his chair and sat down. He rattled the pen in the ink bottle and looked blindly at his record book. “Alice,” he said, “help Adam to bed. You’ll have to cut his shirt off, I guess. ” He got up again, went to the corner of the room where the coats hung on nails, and, reaching behind the garments, brought out his shotgun, broke it to verify its load, and clumped out of the door. Alice raised her hand as though she would hold him back with a rope of air.

When they got on his nerves he threw them out the way he would sell a pig. He didn’t like them and had no interest in whether or not they liked him. He grew away from the village. His contacts were only with the inn and the postmaster. The village people might denounce his manner of life, but one thing he had which balanced his ugly life even in their eyes. The farm had never been so well run. Charles cleared land, built up his walls, improved his drainage, and added a hundred acres to the farm.

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