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By Robert Asprin

E. Godz, Inc's stock-in-trade was once magic. whilst Edwina Godz inherited the kin company, she had placed to paintings all of the sorcery she knew, taking shamen on board as subsidiaries, and raking within the advantages of the cloth international, together with massive gains and high-selling inventory. regrettably, Edwina's young ones hated each one other's guts, and if she stepped apart and allow them to take over the corporate, it was once absolute to move down the tubes. So she allow them to struggle it out for dominance utilizing the entire tips of either company infighting and wizardly conflict that she had taught them. No holds barred - and will the main evil and ruthless sorcerer win!

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A fabulous assortment of birds also called Edwina's estate home, but the only winged wildlife that made it through the great oak and Tiffany- stained-glass front doors was the dusty bottle of Wild Turkey shoved into the rear right corner of the liquor cabinet. Edwina polished off the second shot and considered taking a third. She was not a hard drinker, as a rule, but there were some situations that drove her to it and kept the motor running. "Bah," said Edwina, gazing at the empty shot glass in her hand.

It's such a joy to see one of you young women who cares more about your family than some silly little career. " Peez smiled pleasantly and replied: "Ma'am, you are a dinosaur. I refuse to accommodate your outdated prejudices by spending my life barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, even if you could somehow guarantee me one that comes with its own Iron Chef. " "You don't say? Four of them, and all boys! S. had kicked in, causing the old lady's mind to do an immediate slash- and-burn editorial job on every syllable.

A lot. Any dumb floppy-eared beagle puppy with four paws too big for his body can be loved. " "I don't need you," Peez shot back. " the bear finished for her. Then it laughed in her face—not giggles, full- out guffaws of the purest scorn. "Yeah, sure, all of those wonderful, close friends you made back in your hometown of— What was it called again? Oh right, I remember now: Loserville. " Peez didn't deny Teddy Tumtum's words. She couldn't. She'd had the uncanny little bear for as long as she could remember, a present from her mother.

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