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By Ronald A. Howard

Markov techniques --
Markov tactics with rewards --
The resolution of the sequential choice technique by means of worth new release --
The policy-iteration approach for the answer of sequential --
Use of the policy-iteration process in difficulties of taxicab operation, baseball, and car alternative --
The policy-iteration approach for multiple-chain procedures --
The sequential selection procedure with discounting --
The continuous-time choice strategy.

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DOS will print the error message and terminate, but Windows will follow this pointer to the next batch of information. Figure 5 Hex Listing of a PE signature, and the pointer to it The PE header consists only of a File ID signature, with the value "PE\0\0" where each '\0' character is an ASCII NUL character. This signature shows that a) this file is a legitimate PE file, and b) the byte order of the file. Byte order will not be considered in this chapter, and all PE files are assumed to be in "little endian" format.

However, the TimeDateStamp in the import table must match the TimeDateStamp in the bound module's FileHeader, otherwise the bound values will be discarded by the loader. Forwarding and binding Binding can of course be a problem if the bound library / module forwards its exports to another module. In these cases, the non-forwarded imports can be bound, but the values which get forwarded must be identified so the loader can resolve them. This is done through the ForwarderChain member of the import descriptor.

To find an export by name, search the AddressOfNames array for the correct string and then take the corresponding ordinal from the AddressOfNameOrdinals array. This ordinal is then used to get an index to a value in AddressOfFunctions. 49 Windows Executable Files Forwarding As well as being able to export functions and values in a module, the export directory can forward an export to another library. This allows more flexibility when re-organising libraries: perhaps some functionality has branched into another module.

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