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Said Ethan, not quite believing what he’d heard. Jake looked no older than Johnny. How the hell could he own a Porsche? Jake glanced at him, nodded, then turned back to Kat, pulling her close. ’ said Kat, smiling. ’ She gave a laugh, but it didn’t sound quite as happy and full of life as the last time Ethan had heard it. Jake released Kat, and this time he looked Ethan up and down like he was really checking him out. Then he shook his head. ‘Great,’ he said. ’ ‘I didn’t know people were born skydiving,’ Ethan retorted, before his brain kicked in to tell him to keep his mouth shut.

He grabbed his bag. ’ ‘Cool,’ said Kat, pulling the hangar door open. ’ ‘Thanks,’ said Ethan. ‘I wasn’t being polite,’ Kat explained. ’ Ethan saw a teasing smile flicker across her face. ‘Cloud’s coming in,’ she said, looking up at the sky outside. ‘No one’s gonna be jumping for a while. ’ ‘Busy’s better than bored,’ said Ethan as they headed for the café. ’ ‘Fair point,’ said Kat. ‘So when are you going to jump? ’ Ethan reached into his bag and pulled out the forms Sam had given him a couple of days earlier.

Ethan tried to ignore her disapproving look. ‘I meant to leave a note,’ he said. Jo sighed. ’ ‘Oh,’ was all Ethan could manage, the guilt nagging at him again. The last time he’d seen his mum had been two days ago; somehow their paths hadn’t crossed – him getting home late after his last exam, her heading out for the night shift. The microwave pinged. Jo got out a bowl of steaming pasta and handed it to him, then put in another bowl for herself. She turned back to him. ’ The words stung Ethan.

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