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He will come up through the fireplaces in their rooms as mist, or under the doors. 00 am: The vampire will have to return to his coffin as it is nearly dawn. Inn room plan 1. Entrance Hall/Parlour This room is the one in which Chang will entertain the party when they first enter the inn. A fire burns in one corner of it, and it is furnished with plain wooden tables and benches. 2. The Study This room is lined with dusty books, none of which are of any but the smallest interest or value. The centre of the room has been cleared of furniture for some reason.

THE HAWKS OF BALOR ATTACK 18 DEFENCE 15 MAGICAL DEFENCE 10 EVASION 8 Rank-equivalent: 7th Claws (d6, 4 and see below) Armour Factor 1 (feathers etc) Movement: 130m (flight) Perception 19 Health Points Attacking tower Attacking party Hawk 1 Hawk 2 Hawk 3 Hawk 4 14 9 17 16 Remaining airborne Hawk 5 Hawk 6 17 21 The hawks will either attempt to clutch their opponents in their claws or merely strike at them as they pass. Roll a normal Attack Roll vs DEFENCE. If the number rolled is less than half the required roll, then the hawk has attempted to clutch its victim with an attack SPEED of 12 which the victim must evade.

The Elder tells you that he and the villagers are grateful to you for having saved them from the Emissary. He tells you that you are in the village of Mimir's Well, named after the God of Knowledge, Mimir, who is said to have lived here before Time began. The ruins of a temple of Mimir still lie in the woods close by the village and it was said that, before the reign of Balor, Prince of Darkness, the townsfolk of Mimir had been a mighty people and had close dealings with the people of Nem who reigned over the country beyond the Mountains of Brack.

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