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The B DP96 cores were divided into sub-cores 2 m in length, and each sub-core was cut in half lengthwise (split). The samples for the paleomagnetic study were discrete samples (DS) and quarter-core samples (QC) extracted from the half lengthwise core. The DS samples were divided into three groups. In this paper, we present the data obtained from the Japanese DS samples and the QC samples. Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the paleomagnetic samples. The DS samples were collected from the core in 10 cm 3 plastic cube cases at 20-cm intervals.

Yefrimova, I. M. ~, and Klimansky, A. V. jp (*corresponding author) Abstract Interaction between the Lake Baikal water level and tectonism in the surrounding area, specially the Prebaikalye area, is discussed. More specifically, the changing drainage process of Lake Baikal from the Lena River system to the Angara River system are discussed. There is reliable evidence of water level lowering, such as topography showing many fjord-like features, but they cannot be assessed accurately. Rises in water level are assessed 120-150 m above the present level in the middle Pleistocene, about 200 ka.

1998) in several areas of the eastern coast of Northern Lake Baikal and on Olkhon Island. Thus, a rise in water level to 120-150 m above the present level is considered realistic, and the formation of high terraces should be regarded as a result of both hydrologic factors (rise in level) and tectonic factors. Low water level Information on past water level falls is rather contradictory. The fact that the water level of Lake Baikal has dropped relative to the present day water level appears beyond doubt, but estimates of the magnitude, duration, and chronology of these drops are problematic.

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