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How a lot are you aware approximately . . . weight problems Sleep Meteors extraterrestrial beings Bees Sperm banks intercourse in house Duct tape Germs Airport protection demise historical guns Rats the net delivery climate Milk Mosquitoes Your physique area failures DISCOVER'S 20 belongings you did not learn about every thing is the 1st publication written through the editors of the award-winning notice journal. according to DISCOVER'S such a lot eagerly awaited per month column, "20 belongings you did not comprehend About," this unique publication seems at many popular—and occasionally unexpected—topics in technology and expertise, and divulges quirky, interesting, and little-known proof. even if you are simply curious or imagine every little thing, this ebook is certain to extend your brain.

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40 * 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Ancient Weapons The Fifth Plague (Exodus 9:1–7) was a livestock-specific disease— probably the earliest reference to anthrax—or possibly Rift Valley fever, a viral affliction that also affects humans, spread by infected mosquitoes from Jordan to Mozambique. , when Scythian archers reportedly dipped their arrowheads into decomposing bodies, or manure mixed with the blood of fallen soldiers or animals. In Assyria, c. , fighters poisoned their enemies’ drinking water with spoiled grain and fungus that caused hallucinations and digestive problems for whoever drank it.

His classification of insects—still used—was based on their modes of development. He proved that insects do not generate spontaneously, as was then thought, but come from eggs laid by females of the same species. Sure, it’s obvious today. But back then, Swammerdam’s discovery was revolutionary. In 1670 he began to dissect insects under a microscope. This led to his identifying bee ovaries—which meant that His Majesty should henceforth be Her Majesty. His writings reveal a profoundly religious bent.

But why are so many of these apparitions “hags” or old women? 15. IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SNEEZE. Streptococcus mitis, a bacterium that infects the nose and throat, was inad- 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Aliens * 33 vertently sent to the moon aboard the Surveyor 3 probe. The bugs were still alive when Apollo 12 astronauts retrieved the probe’s camera two and a half years later. Bugs live. And stuff gets around—even alien stuff. Recently Godfrey Louis, a physicist at Mahatma Gandhi University, speculated, in Astrophysics and Space Science, that unidentifiable red cells from two months of rain in Kerala, India, in 2001 may be alien microbes.

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