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Within the new version of this bestselling dictionary, greater than 16,000 phrases from English-speaking and overseas scientific practices are defined in transparent, easy phrases. phrases in really good fields similar to surgical procedure, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry are all addressed with sentences and grammar notes for every access. jam-packed with vital sensible references for interns, nurses, scientific secretaries, and trainees in any clinical box, the transparent causes make it perfect for any pupil or practitioner of medication.

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Associate nurse /ə səυsiət n s/ noun a nurse who assists a primary nurse by carrying out agreed care for someone based on a plan designed by a primary nurse association area /ə səυsi eʃ(ə)n eəriə/ noun an area of the cortex of the brain which is concerned with relating stimuli coming from different sources association neuron /ə səυsi eʃ(ə)n njυərɒn/ noun a neuron which links an association area to the main parts of the cortex association tract /ə səυsi eʃ(ə)n tr kt/ noun one of the tracts which link areas of the cortex in the same cerebral hemisphere asthenia / s θi niə/ noun a condition in which someone is weak and does not have any strength asthenic / s θenk/ adjective referring to a general condition in which someone has no strength and no interest in things asthenopia / sθ nəυpiə/ noun same as aspirin assay assimilate assimilation assistance assistant assisted conception assisted respiration assisted suicide associate associate nurse association area association neuron association tract asthenia asthenic asthenopia eyestrain asthma / smə/ noun a lung condition characterised by narrowing of the bronchial tubes, in which the muscles go into spasm and the person has difficulty breathing.

Also called vermiform appendix. See illustration at DIGESTIVE SYSTEM in Supplement 2. any small tube or sac hanging from an organ apperception / pə sepʃ(ə)n/ noun the conscious recognition of a stimulus appetite / ptat/ noun the feeling of wanting food ˽ good appetite interest in eating food ˽ loss of appetite becoming uninterested in eating food applanation tonometry / plə neʃ(ə)n tə nɒmətri/ noun the measuring of the thickness of the cornea appliance /ə plaəns/ noun a piece of apparatus used on the body ć He was wearing a surgical appliance to support his neck.

Abbr ADD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder /ə tenʃən defst hapər k tvti ds ɔ də/ noun a condition in which a child has an inability to concentrate and shows disruptive behaviour. Abbr ADHD attention deficit syndrome /ə tenʃən de fst sndrəυm/ noun same as attention defiatrophy atropine ATS attack attempted suicide attending physician attention deficit disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder attention deficit syndrome cit disorder attenuation /ə tenju eʃ(ə)n/ noun a reduction in the effect or strength of something such as a virus, either because of environmental conditions or as a result of a laboratory procedure atticotomy / t kɒtəmi/ noun the removal of the wall in the inner ear.

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