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The PostScript page description language uses Bézier curves to define the shapes of characters during printing. BGP / bi d i pi / noun a protocol that BGP allows routers to share routing information to allow each router to calculate the most efficient path for information. ) biased exponent / baəst k spəυnənt/ noun the value of the expobiased exponent nent in a floating point number bid /bd/ verb (of a computer ) to gain control of a network in order to transmit data ć The terminal had to bid three times before there was a gap in transmissions on the network.

Associative addressing /ə səυsiətv ə dresŋ/ noun the identification of a loassociative addressing cation by its contents rather than its address. Also called content-addressable addressing memory /ə səυsiətv mem(ə)ri/ noun a method of data retrieval that uses part of the data rather than an address to locate the data. Also called as- associative associative memory sociative storage asynchronous communication associative processor /ə səυsiətv associative processor prəυsesə/ noun a processor that uses associative memory associative storage /ə səυsiətv stɔ rd / noun same as associative associative storage memory associative storage register /ə associative storage register səυsiətv stɔ rd red stə/ noun a register that is located by its contents rather than a name or address asterisk / stərsk/ noun 1.

The / b k raυnd ri k lkju leʃ(ə)n/ noun a part of a picture which is behind the main facility in a spreadsheet program that alobject of interest ć The new graphics lows a user to enter new numbers or equaprocessor chip can handle background, tions while the program recalculates the foreground and sprite movement indesolutions in the background pendently. 2. a system in a computer where low-priority work can be done in the interbackground reflectance vals when very important work is not be/ b k raυnd r flektəns/ noun light reing done flected from a sheet of paper that is being scanned or read by an optical character background colour / b k raυnd reader k lə/ noun the colour of a computer background task / b k raυnd tɑ sk/ screen display, different from that of charnoun a process executed at any time by the acters and graphics ć White background colour with black characters is less stresscomputer system, not normally noticed by ful for the eyes.

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