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47 We would then take seriously the fact that we ourselves are, in the profoundest sense, responsible for the bases of our life. We would then understand that we cannot obtain absolution through compensation measures, through an appeal to good Mother The living space of the majority of mankind 41 Nature and her ability to cope with our demands, and that we cannot redeem ourselves with penance payments for acts of previous indulgence thereby avoiding the question of what nature we actually want for ourselves.

Wherever possible we should at least do everything we can to maintain the existing Old City structure and endeavour to ensure that it is not eaten away internally, or emptied, by uses which will destroy its fabric, as is happening almost everywhere at present. 5 metres more shop window. The upper floors, now only reachable by rungs fixed to the external wall from the backyard, were standing empty, decorated with curtains and light in shifting patterns in order to imitate ‘life’. 17 Such trends towards a desertification of the inner cities must be fought.

Paradoxically such a centre will, in a time of functional change, become more stable and significant the less it is connected functionally and the more powerfully it is symbolically charged with a wider range of meanings and an open capacity for various interpretations. A good example of this, The living space of the majority of mankind 27 although not from the Zwischenstadt, is the ruin of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, which – although of minor architectural value and without any real function – is the undisputed centre of the western part of the city, precisely because it is effectively functionless and for that reason can convey a broad spectrum of meaning.

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