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By Steven Brust

Cowboy Feng’s house Bar and Grille serves the simplest matzoh ball soup within the Galaxy, and hires the very best musicians you’ll ever listen. It’s an excellent spot to go to, however it has a tendency to maneuver around—just one step prior to no matter what mysterious conspiracy is decreasing entire worlds to radioactive ash. And Cowboy Feng's should be humanity's final desire for survival.

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Okay,” she said, and helped me stand up. ” There was silence, and I badly wished my head would clear, at least a little. I wanted to tell her about finding out that my home was destroyed, but I didn’t dare, because I didn’t want people knowing about Feng’s, and because, well, Souci didn’t seem like the sort of person you dump your troubles on. We were at the apartment. Climbing the stairs was a lot harder than it should have been, and getting my key in the lock took all the concentration I had to spare.

I nodded. I won’t try to describe her accent. ” The guy called Justin may have silently snorted, I’m not sure. He had beady eyes and his mustache was like mine except smaller and more neat. I was running into a lot of mustaches like mine. The guy who was killed had one, too. Maybe I should shave mine off. “Yes,” I said. ” I really didn’t want to start thinking about the dead man again. I remembered then that I’d dreamt about him, but I couldn’t remember what the dream was. ” “No. ” Had they reacted?

My thoughts will remain my own, as the music remained within those walls on that world, so far in time and space from where we had come, and even further yet from where we were going, together or apart, as may be. When Souci came back I asked her if she was hungry, and she was, and she didn’t mind eating at Feng’s since they had a pretty good variety, so we walked down there along some tree-lined side street that ran parallel to LeDuc, slow and quiet, and I was glad we were together. We didn’t say a word as we walked; she seemed to sense that I had a lot on my mind.

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