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The most imponant features are two: separating planning from doing and reaping the benefits of intense specialization. The first involves defining two broad categories of jobs. Planning is the responsibility of a small group of owners or trusted employees loyal to the objectives of capital. These should identify with the firm and feel responsible for its success. In contrast to this group which operates with a wide range of discretion, the mass of workers is expected to execute simple, easily monitored tasks which are to be standardized and routinized as much as possible to separate the attributes of the job from those of the worker.

Mana,ement Sclecuon and Accountability Selected by Board of Directors and top manaaemenr, accountable to shareholders through Board elected by shareholders. Community and Firm Relauonships Separated deliberately. Where links are close, this is rypically for spatial reasons (company 1owns). ) , plus some lllention to willingness to accept discipline. Th e Implicit Employment Bargain Revocable wage contract. Heavy reliance on external labour market, auempts to minimize the role of the inrernal labour marker.

Thirty four per cent of respondents were in low-skilled occupations; semi-skilled and skilled cooperateurs accounted for 27 per cent and 1 5 per cent respectively, and admini­ strative and managerial staff for 1 3 per cent and 1 1 per cent. Profiles of respondents to the second survey were rather similar, except that there were fewer non-Basques ( 1 7 per cent), and more skilled workers. The sample was somewhat younger. Forty eight per cent were below thirty, 35 per cent between thirty and forty, 15 per cent between forty and fifty, and only 7 per cent over fifty.

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