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Figure 4-3: Create a new work basket 3. Select Workbasket. Enter the name of the workbasket, its description, the access control list you would like to allocate to it, and its overload limit. The overload limit specifies how many work packages can be put in this work node at any particular time. Although the work package is still added to the work node when this number is exceeded, the overload exit is triggered. This, for example, allows for notification to administrators. Set the Overload limit to 0 if there is none.

As a default, Content Manager provides two default link type definitions: • DKFolder (Folder contains): Default used for foldering to mimic the connection between a physical folder and document contained in a folder. • Contains (containment relationship): A link where each item's resource appears to be contained in the linked item. When links are established, the resources for each item type are still managed as independent entities. The link table in the Library Server database maintains the relationship between the linked items.

Each member of an attribute group cannot itself be a member of another attribute group. < Day Day Up > < Day Day Up > Chapter 4: Workflow In this chapter, we discuss the workflow options available for Content Manager, and the circumstances under which each option can be used. Document Routing is part of the base Content Manager functionality. We describe the various components of Document Routing, explain how to implement them, and finally, show how to customize your Document Routing processes using options such as Library Server exits.

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