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Particular in its style and content material, the "War Scroll (1QM)" provides a imaginative and prescient of an approaching eschatological conflict. even if initially interpreted as being the fabricated from a unmarried writer from the Qumran Sect, the composition's inconsistencies quick ended in the view that it truly is in reality an eclectic rfile with an tricky compositional heritage. but all such theories have been formulated ahead of the booklet of struggle Scroll-like texts from "Caves" four and eleven. A cautious re-evaluation of the battle Scroll indicates as an alternative that what all started as a primitive and cohesive composition from the Hellenistic interval a few two-stage conquest of the realm used to be ultimately up-to-date that allows you to healthy the hot historic realities confronted by means of the sectarians less than Roman rule.

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91 Whether or not any one of these potential recensions was copied more than once in an attempt to standardize the text is impossible to determine. The extant evidence points to the possibility that it was the case with M’s recension only. Additionally, it may be that these additional texts are preserving a certain progression or development in the composition of M material over almost an entire century. Could it be that this evolution came to an end as the M recension was being standardized and copied?

1 to the War Texts, it makes no difference, as nothing is gained or lost. 41 Milik, “Review of Sukenik,” 599; Jozef T. edeq et Milkî-reša dans les ancients écrits juifs et chrétiens,” JJS 23 (1972): 139–42; Baillet, Qumrân Grotte 4, 54–56, Pl. VIII; Abegg, “War Scroll,” 79–80; Duhaime, “War Scroll,” 176–77; War Texts, 21–22; Yshai, “‫ספרות המלחמה בקומראן‬,” 272–83. 42 For a discussion of the differences, see page 372. 43 The collection is known as 4Q509 (papPrFêtesc), the earliest of three copies from Cave 4 of a composition known as Festival Prayers.

29 A: frg. 30 A: frg. 31 A: frg. 32 A: frg. 33 B: frgs. 1-5 B: frg. 6 B: frgs. 7-13 B: frgs. 14-15 B: frg. 16 B: frg. 17 B: frg. 18 B: frg. 19 B: frg. 20 B: frg. 21 B: frg. 22 B: frg. 23 B: frg. 24 C: frgs. 1-8 C: frg. 9 Baillet, Qumran Grotte 4 frg. 8 frg. 9 frg. 10, col. i frg. 10, col. ii frg. 11, col. ii frg. 22 frg. 11, col. ii frg. 13 frg. 14:5-10 frg. 15 frg. 18 frg. 24 frg. 25 frg. 26 frg. 27 frg. 28 frg. 31 frg. 32 frg. 33 frg. 35 frg. 1 frg. 3 frg. 2 frg. 4 frg. 5 frg. 6 frg. 7 frg. 16 frg.

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