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A bright, slowly changing violet point on the cross-hairs of the aiming telescope. ” asked Arcot. “About thirty light centuries,” replied Morey, watching the star eagerly. They drove on in silence. Then, suddenly, Morey cried out: “Look! ” asked Arcot in surprise. Morey rubbed his chin in thought. “The star suddenly flared brightly for an instant, then disappeared. Evidently, it was a G-0 giant which had burned up most of the hydrogen that stars normally use for fuel. When that happens, a star begins to collapse, increasing in brilliance due to the heat generated by the gas falling toward the center of the star.

Arcot saw that the strain of doing nothing was not going to be good for his little crew and decided to see what could be done about it. He went down to the laboratory and looked for inspiration. He found it. “Hey! Morey! Wade! Fuller! Come on down here! ” he called. They came to find him looking meditatively at the power pack from one of the flying suits he had designed. He had taken the lux metal case off and was looking at the neat apparatus that lay within. “These are equipped for use with the space suits, of course,” Morey pointed out, “and that gives us protection against gases.

But—but it can't be! ” “I don't give a hang whether it can or not,” Wade said coolly, “the fact remains that it is. ” “I make a motion we look more closely first,” said Fuller, quite logically. But at first the telectroscope only served to confuse them more. It was most certainly a planet, and they had a strange, vague feeling of having seen it before. Arcot mentioned this, and Wade launched into a long, pedantic discussion of how the left and right hemispheres of the brain get out of step at times, causing a sensation of having seen a thing before when it was impossible to have seen it previously.

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