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By Gregory Baum

Within the forthright kind that has earned him a name for controversy, theologian Gregory Baum provides the hot religion and Justice move in quite a few church buildings — specifically the Roman Catholic Church — including the huge competition to it.

He discusses why many Christians have gotten activists, turning their religion into deeds by means of operating for the liberation of the terrible. He argues for a brand new ecumenism, allowing a extra consultant opinion in the Church and, in a bigger experience, for what he believes are the basics of a "just society."

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For instance in some denominations the majority of members are adults, (for example, the Church of England) whereas in other denominations members can be of any age (for example the Roman Catholic Church). Some observers consider that Anglican communicant figures (reflecting participatory membership) make a better comparison than Electoral Roll figures (reflecting formal membership) with membership statistics for the Free Church denominations. Often Easter Week communicants are taken as these services are central to the Anglican faith, though such attenders may go to their Anglican churches less frequently than their Free Church peers.

L]. Data dealing with attendance at the usual form of church worship (as indicated by each denomination) are included in this section. 1 ). 5). Sunday Schools were in the past places of basic education (reading, writing and arithmetic) but in modern times they have become closely associated with individual denominations and are now places of religious education on a denominational basis. Sunday School attenders are now regarded as the children in church rather than scholars; the Methodist and Congregational Churches made this change of definition in the 1960's, and the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches in 1958.

Only centrally recorded data is referred to in this volume. 2 Data Limitations The main problem with data on religious affiliation is one of definition. Different denominations define denominational affiliation in different ways. It is in the final analysis a subjective judgement and figures should be interpreted as estimates or approximations for the actual size of a religious community. Different definitions of religious affiliation may be appropriate for different study or research purposes.

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