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By Ladipo Adamolekun, Guy de Lusignan, Armand Atomate

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But clearly, we need to distinguish the question of ownership from that of control or management. Modes of operation may be changing, the number of public servants may be diminishing, but the role and influence of the state is not as much affected. Page 12 There appear to be some benefits in privatization and contracting-out (lower real prices and improved customer service) although of course the real issue is whether these could have been achieved without privatization. And in few countries is privatization politically popular.

Senegal, Mali, et al, which provide the subjects for a brief survey of various local capacity building initiativesmainly in the two countries namedfocused on improving the quality of public services from the user standpoint by subcontracting them to the private sector. The third and last section of the Proceedings consists of a general summary of Workshop debates, conclusions, and recommendations, providing a focus on its four thematic areas, namely strategies, quality of services, ethics, and donor support.

For example, recent labor governments in Australia, both state and federal, have pursued significant privatization and contracting-out, but have not promoted these changes as policy planks. Is privatization and contracting-out reducing the size of the public sector? Unfortunately, there are no adequate comparable and recent statistics to demonstrate changes in the size of the public sector. But it appears that in the last five years, only New Zealand and the UK have seen, a significant change (a reduction of over 5 per cent) in the public sector share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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