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The which means of being a Christian in an age of destiny surprise.

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I am not religious, but I see Israel as the Jewish homeland described in the Bible," he said. "Genocide awaits Jews. Look at the anti-Semitism, the utterly irrational hatred of Jews that is expressed in Christianity and so many parts of society. It leaps out unexpectedly all the time. "The sole hope of escaping genocide for the world's Jews is the existence and health of the State of Israel. Maybe Jews will all become assimilated in the future; everybody may become the same. I don't know. But now, in this instant, Israel is the most important fact in the world for me as a ew.

They are small steps taken toward 39 CHRISTIAN a potential friend instead of the deadening traditional image of an enemy; men and women working together for common good instead of merely against each other; and slow, patient interaction between people mutually tired of war and destruction who yearn for peace. Back in America, I found enormous complexity in the present situation involving Jews and Christians. Plain talk between them was difficult when they tried to discuss such specific subjects as Israel, the Third World, the Holocaust, or even their respective religious beliefs.

He had not done so when he made his speech. Inside Israel I found a self-critical society. I encountered outspoken criticism of every facet of Israeli life, from Arab and Jew alike. I discovered an awareness among many Israelis as well as Palestinians that both people have legitimate, if competing, national claims. When Father Berrigan spoke of the tragedy "that the 43 CHRISTIAN State of Israel should become the repository, and finally the tomb, of the Jewish soul," I thought of the words uttered by Abraham Heschel, the revered Jewish scholar and spokesman for peace: "I did not enter on my own the city of Jerusalem.

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