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Cm.  World Bank.  Series. 793'2'0951-dc21 97-7350 CIP Page iii Contents Foreword v Abstract vii Preface ix Acknowledgments xi Abbreviations And Acronyms Used xii Executive Summary xiii Chapter 1. Introduction 1 Achievements 1 Challenges Facing the Power Sector 2 Impediments to Sector Reform 3 Reform Objectives 7 Two Reform Measures to Enhance Efficiency 9 Regulation of the Power Sector in a Socialist Market Economy 10 Chapter 2. Sector Structure and Regulation 15 Meaning of Sector Structure 15 The New Regulatory System Must Accommodate Different Structures 16 Regulation Will Fail if the Structure Is Flawed 17 The Current Structure of the Power Sector 18 Expected Changes in Structure 18 The Purchasing Agency Model: A Useful Target 20 Creating Wholesale Markets: The Role of Power Pools 25 The Role of Industry Associations 27 A Potential Structural and Regulatory Problem of the Purchasing Agency Structure 28 What Needs to Be Regulated in this Structure?

Written decisions. Appeals and monitoring. Annual reports available to the general public. Page xxiii Tariff Recommendations Of all possible regulatory actions, tariff regulation is the most important. The two major dimensions of tariff regulation are level and structure of tariffs. 1 summarizes 14 recommendations for tariff reform. These recommendations cover the five major types of electric service (producer or generator sales, interenterprise sales, transmission service, bulk sales, and consumer sales) that are likely to dominate during the next 10 years.

Edited by Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, Michael Crawford, and Alcyone SalibaNo. 326The East Asian Miracle and Information Technology: Strategic Management of Technological Learning. Nagy Hanna, Sandor Boyson, and Shakuntala Gunaratne(Continued on the inside back cover) Page i China Power Sector Regulation in a Socialist Market Economy Edited by Shao Shiwei Lu Zhengyong Nourreddine Berrah Bernard Tenenbaum Zhao Jianping WORLD BANK DISCUSSION PAPER NO. W. C. A. All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America First printing March 1997 Discussion Papers present results of country analysis or research that are circulated to encourage discussion and comment within the development community.

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