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53 Hunting for Victims 3. Child sex abusers are predatory and the net provides them with a new facility for their actions. Pedophiles no longer have to sit in automobiles in front of school gates watching for children to abuse. Now they can hunt for them on Internet chat rooms. It is deceptively simple. The pedophile has a fixation on finding a victim of a particular age and sex. He has become an expert on the tastes of children that age. He knows what music they listen to, what games they play and the vocabulary they use in their school conversations.

In fact, the sexual difficulties and inner psychological problems that give rise to child sexual abuse are largely in place long before a person enters into the formation process for a celibate priesthood. In addition, most adults who sexually molest minors are, or will be, married. The second half of the statement, “a celibate priesthood attracts a larger proportion of men with sexual problems,” is currently being debated. Some have said that we seem to have so many child molesters in the priesthood because celibacy attracts people with sexual problems.

A study by Westat Inc determined the incidence of abuse among children with disabilities and the relationship between child abuse and disabilities. 1% of children whose maltreatment was sub39 stantiated by CPS workers had 1 or more disabilities. Disabilities were found to be twice as prevalent among maltreated children in hospitals as among hospital controls, which is consistent with the hypothesis that disabilities increase the risk for maltreatment. However, the data are also consistent with the hypothesis that maltreatment contributes to disabilities.

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