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By H. Hobert (auth.), Professor Dr. Jürgen Einax (eds.)

Pattern acceptance and different chemometrical ideas are vital instruments in examining environmental facts. This quantity provides authoritatively state of the art purposes of measuring and dealing with environmental facts. The chapters are written via best experts.

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Fe : HAAOCOPV End : QUI T Fig. 4b. Subtraction of the first hit spectrum from the sample spectrum (above), result of the second search ( interferogram comparison): the difference spectrum together with the first hit (benzophenone) (below) 20 H. Hobert list, Fig. 3 (centre) reports on some similar alkyl benzenes. The search program gives the score values for the forward search in the second and for the backward search in the third columns. Identification of a Mixture by Spectra Subtraction In favorable conditions (some few main components with distinct spectra) the analysis of simple mixtures is possible without a separation stage.

45. 46. 47. 48. Levy GC ( 1991) Spectroscopy 6:50 Curry BA (1990) Comput Enhanced Anal Spectrosc 2:183 Fields RE III, White RL (1987) Anal Chern 59:2709 Gurka DF, Titus R ( 1986) Anal Chern 58:2189 McDonald RS, Wilks PA, Jr (1988) Appl Spectrosc 42:151 Gasteiger J, Hendriks BMP, Hoever P, Jochum C, Somberg H ( 1991) Appl Spectrosc 45:4 Zurcher M, Clerc JT ( 1988) Anal Chim Acta 206:161 Bjerga JM, Small GW (1990) Anal Chern 62:226 Zupan J, Munk ME (1986) Anal Chern 58:3219 de Ruig WG, Weseman JM (1990) J Chemomet 4:61 Ebel S, Muck W (1988) Fresenius Z Anal Chern 331:351 Ebel S, Muck W (1988) Fresenius Z Anal Chern 331:359 Brown CW, Donahue SM (1988) Appl Spectrosc 412:347 Boessenkool H-J, Cleij P.

Exclusion Filters Molecular Weight Filter After passing through the classification module, a spectrum was either directed to one ofthe five main class modular routes or to the unknown route. If the latter occurred, the spectrum passed to the unknown class molecular weight estimator and the appropriate message was displayed with the estimated molecular weight and lower limit. If the spectrum was classified as one of the five main classes, it passed to a set of filters for that particular class. The filters are a very important Approach for Classification and Identification of Toxic Organic Compounds 37 part of the total system.

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