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By C. J. Cherryh

Pyanfar Chanur inspiration she had obvious the final of Tully, the lone human who had so disrupted the peace of Meetpoint Station and received the Chanur extended family the enmity of part a dozen races in addition to their very own. yet Tully is again, bringing with him a precious exchange agreement with human house. a freelance which might suggest massive energy, riches, and a brand new hornet's nest for Pyanfar and the delight.

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It would not escape notice, but it was also of such little consequence that any investigation would take months to effect and ratify. None would discover the thing that had been wrought upon the asteroid’s surface until it was much, much too late. Much technology was lost in Thule’s destruction. It was a steep price to pay for absolute and certain secrecy. In the end, the fabricator general’s will had been done. He had willed the death of Thule. TWO Hektor’s fate Brothers of Ultramar In the lair of the wolf IT WAS DARK in the reclusium.

Once their objective was completed, they would congregate at one of the many muster halls designated for their Legion and await pick-up by their battleships. Though little more than a company from any given Legion would be expecting transit at any one time, sectors Kappa through Theta were at the complete disposal of the Legions. Few non-Astartes were ever seen there, barring ubiquitous Legion serfs and attendants, though occasionally remembrancers would be granted brief access in concordance with maintaining good relations with the human populous.

They were large and strong, and bereft of any scars. He made a fist with the right. ‘I am the Emperor’s sword,’ he whispered and then clenched his left. ’ Two robed acolytes waited patiently in the shadows, cowls concealing their augmetics and other obvious deformities. Even without being compared to the tall slab of muscle that was an Astartes, they were bent-backed and diminutive. Hektor ignored their obsequiousness as he released the straps affixing the combat shield to his arm and handed it over along with his short-blade to the acolytes.

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