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Altering the constitution and functioning of a company: record of a box test positioned out via the Institute for Social examine, Survey study middle.

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SRC Agent's Activities The SRC agent who, through conditions already outlined, had become a rather active participant in the earlier change ac- tivities, gradually moved toward his intended role as the "out- sider," the observer, and the counselor, and became less directly visible as a party to the later changes. The calendar of his ac- tivities, however, remained very full as he now had many more individuals and groups to attend to. The main focus of his work continued to be the leadership behavior and group processes in the three operating departments, and he was never absent long from one or another of the three departments.

Attending, as observer and "post mortem" meeting an- alyst, the regular meetings of the manufacturing staff of the sev- eral plant superintendent's groups, and of such other regular op- erating meetings as he could get to and was invited to; 2. Conducting a series of "feedback sessions" for all su- pervisors, apart from their regular work groups, to discuss the statistical data resulting from analysis of an earlier SRC em- ployee survey in the plant; 3. Conducting a formal course of evening training confer- ences for supervisors, at about two-week intervals, covering some principles of human behavior related to the program objec- tives; 4.

Org/access_use#pd-google sonally the worst quarter. . At the end of 1961, in December, there was a final measure- ment operation to conclude the experiment. All production em- ployees and supervisors filled out questionnaires paralleling those used earlier, and the Banner plant compiled the information nec- essary for evaluating change in the actual performance of the plant over the period 1958 through 1961. org/access_use#pd-google 45 8. CONDITIONS FACILITATING AND BLOCKING CHANGE Since published accounts of field experiments in large or- ganizations are still rare, it seems worthwhile to offer here some observations in retrospect on the major factors that appeared to facilitate or inhibit the Banner change program.

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