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The highest standard of such bodily comfort is achieved by a fruitive worker who by pious activities reaches the plane of heaven, or the kingdom of the creative gods with their delegated powers. But the conception of comfortable life in heaven is insignificant in comparison to the happiness enjoyed in the impersonal Brahman, and this brahm•nanda, the spiritual bliss derived from impersonal Brahman, is like the water in the hoofprint of a calf compared to the ocean of love of Godhead. When one develops pure love for the Lord, he derives an ocean of transcendental happiness from the association of the Personality of Godhead.

The material elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego) display the inferior energy of the Lord, and the living entities are His superior energy. Since the energy of the Lord is not different from Him, in fact everything that exists is K”£‹a in His impersonal feature. Sunshine, sunlight and heat are not different from the sun, and yet simultaneously they are distinct energies of the sun. Similarly, the cosmic manifestation and the living entities are energies of the Lord, and they are considered to be 47 simultaneously one with and different from Him.

There is no difference between the shelter-giving Supreme Lord and the initiating and instructing spiritual masters. If one 41 foolishly discriminates between them, he commits an offense in the discharge of devotional service. ¥r†la San•tana Gosv•m† is the ideal spiritual master, for he delivers one the shelter of the lotus feet of Madana-mohana. Even though one may be unable to travel on the field of V”nd•vana due to forgetfulness of his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he can get an adequate opportunity to stay in V”nd•vana and derive all spiritual benefits by the mercy of San•tana Gosv•m†.

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