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By William L. Briggs, Lyle Cochran, Bernard Gillett, Eric Schulz

Drawing on their many years of training adventure, William Briggs and Lyle Cochran have created a calculus textual content that contains the teacher’s voice past the school room. That voice—evident within the narrative, the figures, and the questions interspersed within the narrative—is a grasp instructor best readers to deeper degrees of figuring out. The authors attract readers’ geometric instinct to introduce primary ideas and lay the basis for the extra rigorous improvement that follows. accomplished workout units have bought compliment for his or her creativity, caliber, and scope. This e-book is an extended model of Calculus: Early Transcendentals via an identical authors, with a whole bankruptcy dedicated to differential equations, extra sections on different themes, and extra workouts in such a lot sections.

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Because the inverse “undoes” the original function, if we start with a value of x, apply f to it, and then apply f -1 to the result, we recover the original value of x; that is, f Ϫ1 f x y x f Ϫ1( f (x)) ϭ x Similarly, if we apply f -1 to a value of y and then apply f to the result, we recover the original value of y; that is, f Ϫ1 y f x y f ( f Ϫ1(y)) ϭ y One-to-One Functions We have defined the inverse of a function, but said nothing about when it exists. To ensure that f has an inverse on a domain, f must be one-to-one on that domain.

2 x f is one-to-one and has an inverse on [0, ϱ). 53). However, if f is restricted to the intervals 1- ϱ, 04 or 30, ϱ2, it is one-to-one and an inverse exists. Related Exercises 15–20 Finding Inverse Functions The crux of finding an inverse for a function f is solving the equation y = f 1x2 for x in terms of y. If it is possible to do so, then we have found a relationship of the form x = f -11y2. Interchanging x and y in x = f -11y2 so that x is the independent variable (which is the customary role for x), the inverse has the form y = f -11x2.

Graph h and determine the time at which the rocket reaches its highest point. What is the height at that time? 1 2 -3 a. f 1g1-122 d. f 1g1-222 g. f 1g1g1-2222 2 -1 -1 3 3 -4 4 -4 -2 b. g1 f 1-422 e. g1g1-122 h. g1 f 1 f 1-4222 c. f 1g1- 322 f. f 1g102 - 12 i. g1g1g1- 1222 103. Composite even and odd functions from graphs Assume f is an even function and g is an odd function. Use the (incomplete) graphs of f and g in the figure to determine the following function values. a. f 1g1-222 d. g1 f 152 - 82 b.

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