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Good fortune on your calculus direction begins right here! James Stewart's Calculus texts are world wide best-sellers for a cause: they're transparent, actual, and jam-packed with suitable, real-world examples. With Calculus (Seventh Edition), Stewart conveys not just the application of calculus that can assist you boost technical competence, but in addition grants an appreciation for the intrinsic great thing about the topic. His sufferer examples and integrated studying aids can assist you construct your mathematical self assurance and attain your pursuits within the direction!

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A function f is a rule that assigns to each element x in a set D exactly one element, called f ͑x͒, in a set E. We usually consider functions for which the sets D and E are sets of real numbers. The set D is called the domain of the function. ” The range of f is the set of all possible values of f ͑x͒ as x varies throughout the domain. A symbol that represents an arbitrary number in the domain of a function f is called an independent variable. A symbol that represents a number in the range of f is called a dependent variable.

Can be described by giving the following formula for the nth term: an ෇ a¢ a £ a™ 0 1 n We can visualize this sequence by plotting its terms on a number line as in Figure 10(a) or by drawing its graph as in Figure 10(b). Observe from either picture that the terms of the sequence a n ෇ 1͞n are becoming closer and closer to 0 as n increases. In fact, we can find terms as small as we please by making n large enough. We say that the limit of the sequence is 0, and we indicate this by writing a¡ 1 (a) 1 lim nlϱ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 ෇0 n n In general, the notation (b) FIGURE 10 lim a n ෇ L nlϱ is used if the terms a n approach the number L as n becomes large.

F ͑x͒ Ϫ f ͑1͒ xϪ1 56. y y 1 1 0 1 x 0 1 31–37 Find the domain of the function. 31. f ͑x͒ ෇ xϩ4 x2 Ϫ 9 3 2t Ϫ 1 33. f ͑t͒ ෇ s 21 32. f ͑x͒ ෇ 2x 3 Ϫ 5 x ϩxϪ6 2 34. t͑t͒ ෇ s3 Ϫ t Ϫ s2 ϩ t 57–61 Find a formula for the described function and state its domain. 57. A rectangle has perimeter 20 m. Express the area of the rect- angle as a function of the length of one of its sides. Copyright 2010 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. Due to electronic rights, some third party content may be suppressed from the eBook and/or eChapter(s).

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