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The check is delivered, the clerk signs the log, and the requester (or authorized individual) signs for receipt. If the clerk has a request for that day but no check, the request is returned to the folder. At the hold-file date, the clerk prepares the Check Locator Form (#1922) and e-mails it to home office disbursements. This includes all information necessary for home office disbursements to locate the check. A copy of the form is printed out and put in the hold-file established for that day.

Later, 16 Business Process Mapping while talking to the head of a third department, she stated that she bypassed the mechanical system and used her own spreadsheets. The initial analysis is accomplished. A major problem has been identified. The only question left is why. Editing the movie starts when the script is being written. No scriptwriter submits a first draft. If so, it will be rejected every time. Changes are made during the writing process, during the negotiation process, during the filming process, and, most important, during the editing process.

Scenes The next level is the scene. Each act is composed of a number of scenes. Just as the acts are subsections of the movie, the scenes are subsections of the act and represent the overall flow of that act. Act II of Psycho (Marion’s meeting and interacting with Norman) might be broken into the following scenes: Scene 1: Marion checks into the hotel. Scene 2: Marion comes over for a snack. 20 Business Process Mapping Scene 3: Norman watches her in her room. Scene 4: The infamous shower scene.

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