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Human Rights, Virtue and the Common Good: Untimely Meditations on Religion and Politics (Collected Essays, Volume 3)

Writer notice: Brian Benestad (Editor)

Volume 3 of Ernest Fortin: gathered Essays discusses the present country of Christianity—especially twentieth-century Catholic Christianity—and the issues with which it has needed to combat in the middle of speedy clinical development, profound social switch, and growing to be ethical anarchy.

In this quantity, Fortin discusses such subject matters as Christianity and the liberal democratic ethos; Christianity, technological know-how, and the humanities; Ancients and Moderns; papal social suggestion; advantage and liberalism; pagan and Christian advantage; and the yankee Catholic church and politics.

The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason

Finally of religion, Sam Harris supplies a startling research of the conflict among cause and faith within the glossy global. He bargains a brilliant, ancient journey of our willingness to droop cause in prefer of spiritual beliefs—even whilst those ideals encourage the worst human atrocities. whereas caution opposed to the encroachment of geared up faith into global politics, Harris attracts on insights from neuroscience, philosophy, and japanese mysticism to bring a decision for a really glossy beginning for ethics and spirituality that's either secular and humanistic.

Hafiz and the Religion of Love in Classical Persian Poetry (International Library of Iranian Studies, Volume 25)

The romantic lyricism of the nice Persian poet Hafiz (1315-1390) remains to be widespread all over the world. contemporary exploration of that lyricism by way of Iranian students has published that, as well as his masterful use of poetic units, Hafiz's verse is deeply steeped within the philosophy and symbolism of Persian love mysticism.

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Fate of First Reaction One, the older of the two, is called Democracy. It originated as a reaction to the unbridled monarchy in the countries of Europe. The individual was then a mere serf, devoid of all initiative and freedom, just a toy in the hands of the ‘divine’ kings. People rose in revolt, overthrew ‘the divine right of kingship’ and smashed the power of monarchy for all time. The inspiring slogan of ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’ was on the lips of everybody. It was loudly trumpeted from housetops that the long dark night of slavery and tyranny had finally ended and a new era of ‘individual freedom’, sanctity of the individual rights’ and ‘equality of opportunity for all’ had dawned.

But the whole system has become perverted. Groupism and casteism have displaced the functional scheme. Notorious goondas often get elected to the Panchayats. Appeal to casteism, lure of money, threats, physical assaults have become the deciding factors; functional expertise has been thrown to winds. However, these distortions will have to be corrected. Well meaning and socially conscious persons in each field should be encouraged to come together and exert their influence so as to give a clean and effective rural base to the entire national edifice.

I asked a railway engineer, who was an authority on bridges, whether the fact of flooding of rivers flowing from the mountains had been taken into account while deciding the number and the length of railway bridges. He confessed that it was not. He also pleaded that in such matters decisions were often based on political and other considerations rather than on the opinion of the experts. "Territorial" Plus "Functional" This is one of the major obstacles, which the present system of elections has thrown up.

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