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By Osamu Tezuka

Kotan is a toddler of Ainu descent who reveals himself abruptly within the care of a man-eating tiger named Dan. Dan has vowed to Kotan that he'll support him locate his misplaced mom and dad. Their seek is lower brief while the strange partners are approached via an outdated Ainu guy named Upopo. while Upopo spins tall stories of ways Kotan is the selected one that will find and inherit the Ainu's hidden treasure, Kotan and Dan locate themselves fighting criminals, murderers, cheats, liars, and all-around closed-minded people. as though there weren't adequate issues threatening their lives, a crow warns Dan that Kotan is would be the one to finish Dan's existence. Can courageous Dan and his ally Kotan live to tell the tale the pains that wait for them? what's the Ainu peoples' hidden treasure, and is it worth it? used to be the crow telling the reality, or used to be it simply malarkey?

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3. Proportions are wrong: too lanky. Shorter limbs are cuter than longer limbs 4. Eyes are way too small. Cute eyes are always an ample size. 5. Body not “chunky” enough to be squeezable. Needs to be somewhat chubby. PRO CONSTRUCTION PRO VERSION cute goths Drawing Kawaii Goth characters is tricky. With all their dark and meanlooking elements, they can come across as repellent if you don’t play it just right. Does that mean you should avoid drawing them altogether? Not at all! At the beginning, focus on laying out the “cute essentials” and proportions for these entertaining figures.

Positioning your characters at different angles Because Kawaii characters are designed with such a flat look, they look best when facing forward. Most of them are drawn that way. A 3/4 view, though, is not unusual. But the profile and rearview poses are. However, never say never. FRONT Most popular angle. 3/4 VIEW Second-most popular angle. PROFILE Avoid this if at all possible. REAR Rarely seen but cute; use it if the situation calls for it. color variations Beginners often do rough sketches before making a finished drawing.

Don’t define fingers and feet; imply them. 1. Draw the clothes over your figure; then erase the unwanted lines. 1. A symmetrical pose is cute, funny, and charming. 1. Thicken the line (optional). “Checkerboard” the blue colors with the white colors. This method prevents even the tiniest outfit from appearing cluttered. Apply shadows and highlights. Remove any remaining guidelines. Voilà! Your drawing is finished. positioning your characters at different angles Because Kawaii characters are designed with such a flat look, they look best when facing forward.

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