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By Brian O'Leary, Hugh McGuire

The floor underneath the booklet publishing dramatically shifted in 2007, the yr the Kindle and the iPhone debuted. frequent customer call for for those and different units has introduced the speed of electronic switch in e-book publishing from "it may take place sometime" to "it’s occurring correct now"—and it really is taking place swifter than a person predicted.

Yet this can be just a transitional section. Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto is your consultant to what comes subsequent, whilst all books are actually electronic, hooked up, and ubiquitous. via this selection of essays from notion leaders and practitioners, you’ll get to grips with quite a lot of advancements taking place within the wake of this electronic booklet shakeup:
* observe new instruments which are quickly reworking how content material is created, controlled, and dispensed
* comprehend the more and more severe function that metadata performs in making e-book content material discoverable in an period of abundance
* glance within a number of the publishing tasks which are on the bleeding fringe of this electronic revolution
* find out how a few electronic books can evolve second to second, in response to reader suggestions

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