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This e-book provides distinct photographs of the undercarriage, wheel wells, engines (both turbojet and turbofan), and flight decks you're not going to come across in so much aviation books. My basically quibble is web page forty six, which discusses the 707-200, a sizzling send added completely to Braniff, during which the quick fuselage and wings of the 707-120 was once mated to the Pratt Whittney JT-4A turbojets of the -320 Intercontinental. images do certainly depict a 707-227, however the caption mentions that the airplane pictured, N7071, used to be brought to Braniff in July 1959. actually, this plane crashed ahead of supply, making N7072 Braniffs first 707. the ground photograph indicates a Braniff 720-027, now not a 707-227; that plane was once outfitted with a similar Pratt Whittney JT-3C turbojets of the 707-120 sequence.

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