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By John Bale, Chris Philo

Physique Cultures explores the connection among the physique, recreation and panorama. This ebook provides the 1st severely edited number of Henning Eichberg's seven provocative essays into ''body culture''. Eichberg, a widely known pupil in continental Europe who attracts upon the guidelines of Elias, Focault, Habermas and others, is now attracting significant curiosity from sociologists, historians and geographers. This assortment has been generally edited to spotlight Eichberg's most vital arguments and subject matters. The editors concentration quite on Eichberg's provocative claims in regards to the inspiration of area: from the micro-scale of the way human our bodies ''express'' themselves or are officially ''disciplined'' via their hobbies in area, to the macro-scale of ways our bodies and cultures are invented and contested in reference to the self- identities they arrive to own in given destinations. Introductory essays supply transparent motives and interpretations in addition to a biography of Eichberg.

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This article summarises the main arguments of Leistung, Spannung, Geschwindigkeit, but complements them with illustrations. In following the sequence of his argument, one can see more clearly than elsewhere the influence of Foucault and Elias, and how Eichberg synthesises and ultimately goes beyond both of them: From the sixteenth century to the end of the eighteenth, pictures of equitation from the classical era of dressage and the High School show a spatial and position-oriented art of Form. What was taught there in the knightly academies, and by court- and drill-masters, what was described and illustrated in the writings of Grisone (1552), Löhneysen (1609), Pluvinel (1623–5), Newcastle (1658–67) and Guerinere (1773), was an art of placement and circulation in space.

Again, in Eichberg’s defence, I would like to point out that there are bound to be lacunae in works that are experimenting with new directions. Furthermore, it is no easy task simultaneously to write a detailed ethnography and to offer a broad account of historical changes. My own book on sports in China, for example, is a detailed contemporary ethnography that outlines only a brief historical context, and it is still almost 400 pages long (Brownell, 1995). FUTURE DIRECTIONS One cannot predict the directions that Eichberg’s future works will follow because, taken as a whole, Eichberg’s opus reflects more than simple methodological or topical prescriptions: it is a way of seeing, a guide to thinking.

Sports in the Moral Order of the People’s Republic (1995), also owes an intellectual debt to Eichberg. We three American scholars were all enthralled by Eichberg’s early works in sports history, which we had to read in German. John Bale, by contrast, became intrigued by the smattering of available English translations of Eichberg’s later works that reflected his turn to spatial and ecological studies (and is reflected in the choices of essays to reproduce in this volume). The strength of Eichberg’s charisma is to some extent reflected in the events that led to my writing of this essay.

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