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By Scott A Ashmon

This is often the 1st publication to do a longer comparative research of start annunciations within the Hebrew Bible and old close to jap Mythology. This booklet takes a structural method of the Heberw bible and close to japanese Mythology by means of compraring and contrasting many of the varieties and capabilities. delivery annunciations play an immense position in every one of those narratives and the writer claims that there's a textural overlap to be studied.

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Gen 15:1-6), Alter incorrectly concludes that annunciations, except for Gen 18, are generally to the mother. 64 Building on Alter's and Williams' work two decades later, Timothy Finlay offered another major analysis of the annunciation type-scene in the HB. Finlay identifies seven annunciation type-scenes: Gen 16:1-16, 21:1-7, 25:20-26, 29:21-30:24; Judg 13:2-25; 1 Sam 1:1-2:21; and 2 Kgs 4:1117. 65 Based on these texts, Finlay defmes an annunciation typescene as containing five standard elements: the barren plight of a woman, prayer, an annunciation scene proper, a birth report, and a concluding statement.

This kind of comparison led to the atomizing of texts where individual textual features were compared "in isolation from their overall cultural and civilizational context," whlch resulted in distorted comparisons. IS Responding to major developments in ANE archaeology In the 1930s, the next phase significantly nan'owed its comparative scope by focusing on the "hlstorical stream" of the ANE, whlch manifested the "geographlc proximity, hlstorical propinquity" and "cultural affInity" needed for more relevant and precise comparisons.

E short, fixed, oral forms behind a \V1itten text are uncovered, then their structures and genres can be classified and identified according to the original settings in life (Sitz im Leben) from which they arose and their original fimctions. One of the basic tenets of form criticism is that each genre arose from a specific social setting to fulfill a specific function. 3 Thus, in order to understand any genre fully, its original social setting must be located, which will then provide the proper context for comprehending the genre's original fimction.

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