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By Jennifer Greene, Merline Lovelace, Cindi Myers

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To deal with it. But not yet. She just wasn’t ready. The staircase led directly to the massive room below. The entire downstairs was open. Behind the staircase, the kitchen and dining area faced east. Just ahead of her was the sweep of living space, dominated by the man-tall white stone fireplace. The hearth screen darkened the already shadowed room, but she could still make out the healthy bed of golden embers. The furnace was going strong, but building up a serious fire would add a ton of warmth.

So the first layer on the roof was ice. Thick ice. Heavy ice. Followed by at least three, maybe four feet of snow on top of that. It was the overall weight that worried him. If the blizzard were over, it probably wouldn’t matter—but it wasn’t over, and there was no guessing how much more weight the roof could take. He looked at the massive job, shook his head, doubted he could make a dent before the next pounding blast of storm hit—assuming the cold didn’t wipe him out first. But he had to try, at least get as far as he could.

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