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By Richard Meltzer

A chic and relocating selection of essays via an eloquent grasp author, Autumn Rhythm is equivalent elements candor, braveness, humor, and desperation. A true-tongued, virtually joyous gallows humor permeates the booklet, a meditation on what it's wish to be at the periphery of "boomerhood," at the cusp of legitimate seniority; what it's prefer to were goodbye linked to a early life movement-rock music-yet to not be young.Autumn Rhythm comes from a guy whose paintings has continuously been track up to it's been approximately it, and who now brings his syncopation of note, sound, and experience to the topic of lifestyles itself, as lived and misplaced: a frank, extraordinary, and finally poetic contemplation of actual decline, the deaths of family and friends, and the confounding, ever-accelerating adjustments in our culture."A rant in [Meltzer's] best and funniest demeanour, an epic vernacular monologue with stylistic roots in nineteenth-century humorists invoice Nye, Artemus Ward, and Mark Twain."</Div>

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What I've gotta really do now is write EVERYTHING down, and leave all kindsa notes to myself ("gas for car" . . "rent due Monday") where I'll be certain to see 'em, like on a chair I'm gonna use or the counter next to the fridge or on the bathroom floor . . —or it'll be "Duh . . " And as far as the alleged creative rubbish goes, I'm not so adept now'days at navigating even one side of my brain. G-ggone is my ability to write on lotsa subjects simultaneous, bing bang bing—and it once was one of my stronger credentials.

Early to late 1960s. ) HALF REMEM "I am a soldier, big and strong. " The earliest clump of text I even half remember . . jeezus. — but a line from a Christmas play in the first or second grade. I was playing a toy, see. That would be 1951 or '52. The Korean War was on. Wait, let me ... uh ... first grade. Did I wear a soldier or a sailor suit? Uhhhhhhhh. Could it have been white? Blue? Khaki doesn't ring a bell. GEEZEROLOGY (3) So where were we? Ah, yes. When we suspended our seminar on "geezer clothes," we were pondering the issue of solutions—stopgap or otherwise—sensible paths for pre-geezers imminently faced with the Wearing Of The Ug.

A protracted rampage of screw-my-health, whatever it takes to crawl to the end. —in addition to salt and MSG. —if this was paint, you could do a fucking seascape. ) any of these ingredients could give you "C"? , and not simply on account of the little practice brush I've had with it (pinhead-size basal cell on my neck nine years ago). Every time I puff on a little-c 48 ~ RICHARD MELTZER cigar and my heart races like Secretariat (so I know, inhale or no, it's damnwell there in my SOMA), I'm all too conscious of the "risk," and I thank my lucky STARS that a timely bum experience ended my dance with the biggest and nastiest of tobacco C's: Copenhagen.

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