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Carl M. Evans

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When you enter the character, the screen will "instantly" fill with that character. The DATA statements in lines 120 through 160 specify a list of numbers which correspond to the 34 bytes in the USR routine. Lines 170 and 180 put the values into the first 34 bytes of page six memory, starting at $600 (1536 decimal). Since the screen fill routine is relocatable , you can replace the addresses in line 110 with another set of addresses, and it will run the same. You might try using another location.

I won't be too specific because your assembler/editor manual will give you detailed instructions, and the exact commands will depend upon the particular one that you are using. All examples in this book will be shown in the Atari Assembler/Editor Cartridge format. If you don't have an assembler/editor program, then just follow along - you don't need one to use the routines in this book! For a sample program, we will write a short subroutine that will "instantly" fill the entire video screen with any character that you specify.

My biggest gripe is with those programs that overwrite the disk operating system. 2. The programs are usually "protected" so you can't examine them, and the source listings are not provided with them. Without this kind of information you cannot see how they work, so it is very difficult to learn from them or modify them. 3. The programs often contain many routines in a single load package. You must load all of the routines you don't need in order to get the one that you need. This wastes valuable memory space.

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