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By L. A. Graf

Worf and the workforce of the Defiant locate themselves trapped on an alien global threatened through a world cataclysm, whereas Captain Sisko needs to preserve tensions on Deep house 9 from erupting into battle. Original."

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They were a hard people, in many ways more complicated than the simplicity of their behavior suggested. Their separation from the Federation and all its friendship meant had seemed irrational to Kira She saw their sudden, aggressive expansion into every border star system that couldn't drive them off as being no more forgivable than anything the Cardassians had ever done. In the months that followed, she heard the Humans around her speak in ways she'd never expected. Of populations battered to extinction, starbases brutalized, grandparents or uncles or even older siblings tortured to death by an enemy too different, too barbaric to ever trust or understand.

Sisko frowned at the Defiant's main viewscreen. "I'd like to know what's on the surface of those planets. There's a chance the planetary shuttle might have landed there. " She transferred her two stored images up to the main screen, assigning them to their proper locations around Armageddon's golden sun. "Computer analysis of their orbital parameters, however, indicates there's a third inner system planet inside the cometary debris cloud. " She glanced across at Sisko, reading his impatience in his drumming fingers.

Right now, we're facing either a delicate rescue operation or a full-scale Klingon war. " Benjamin Sisko could still remember precisely what he'd felt three months ago, in the moment he'd heard about the breaking of the Khitomer Accords. A single icy spike of disbelief, then an explosion of frustrated anger at the success of the Dominion's divide-and-conquer tactics. Despite all the later emotions that had knitted themselves into the tangled tapestry of his feelings toward the Klingons--betrayal, annoyance, even unexpected sympathy for Worf's impossible position in Starfleet--the sharp memory of that initial reaction had never faded.

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