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By Sherri Mabry Gordon

Writer Sherri Mabry Gordon explains how peer-to-peer dossier sharing works, what's felony and what's now not, and he or she explores new methods of utilizing know-how that may gain every body.

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Princeton professor Edward Felten and a team of researchers from various other universities took up the challenge and succeeded in removing the watermarks. But when the team tried to present their results at an academic conference, the RIAA and SDMI threatened to take legal action. The RIAA and SDMI claimed that the DMCA makes it illegal to discuss or provide technology that might be used to bypass industry controls. The professor, his research team, and their legal representatives from the EFF argued that they had a First Amendment right to present their research.

Using pirated software can increase your risk of infecting your computer with a virus. The most popular way to get warez is through the Internet. Many people use file-sharing services to get pirated software. Because the Internet is growing, connections are getting faster, and technology is improving, software piracy is growing quickly. Pirated copies of software can be downloaded quickly all around the world at the click of a mouse. In the long run, though, the use of pirated software hurts everyone.

These include comparing p2p with the introduction of the VCR and describing what a powerful tool peer-to-peer can be for unsigned artists. ” Downloaders say that copyright owners are notorious for crying “foul” when it comes to new technology. They think that copyright owners are overreacting because they do not fully understand new technologies like p2p and assume it is threatening to them. One example of this overreaction, they say, is the famous Sony Betamax case, which involved the creation of the VCR.

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