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Qur'an, 61:4) Restrain yourself patiently with those who call upon their Lord morning and evening, desiring His face. Do not turn your eyes from them, desiring the attractions of this world. " (Bukhari, Muslim) Clearly, the expression "do not turn your eyes from them" stresses that, apart from being together, believers have to be very attentive to one another and be available to serve other believers 55 ANSWERS FROM THE QUR'AN so that an Islamic society can be maintained. Another verse describes our Prophet's (pbuh) concern for believers, which is truly exemplary, in the following words: A Messenger has come to you from among yourselves.

Clearly, this mistaken idea stems from a lack of knowledge and a lifestyle that is far from religion, for it is sheer insincerity toward Allah. " But Allah, Who knows what is concealed in hearts, informs us that such an insincere mentality can never succeed and that He will never accept the repentance of such people, for: There is no repentance for people who persist in doing evil until death comes to them and who then say: "Now I repent," nor for people who die as unbelievers. We have prepared for them a painful punishment.

It is unthinkable that people who share such a love based upon Allah's consent, who strive to display the same moral perfection and intend to live together for all eternity, can remain apart and involve themselves in different affairs. Such a mindset is a clear manifestation of the absence of genuine love and faith. The fact is, however, as the verse maintains, that "the believers are brothers…" (Qur'an, 49:10), and brothers do not remain apart. 56 Answer to those who ask "Is there any class discrimination in Islam?

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