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Il richiamo della foresta

Più di un romanzo di avventura, molto più di un libro according to ragazzi, Il richiamo della foresta è un capolavoro della letteratura americana: los angeles storia del cane dollar, strappato al suo padrone in California e portato nel freddo Klondike al servizio di cercatori d’oro senza scrupoli, ci invade e ci abita strong point di un fascino senza pace.

The Economist: Henry Thoreau and Enterprise

This significant learn brings to mild Thoreau's relation to the advanced monetary discourse of his time and position. particularly, it examines the impression of alterations in monetary pondering and behaviour that happened in antebellum New England and the USA; those changes on the point of language; and Thoreau's understanding of those modifications.

Women and Death 3: Women's Representations of Death in German Culture since 1500 (Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture)

In Western tradition, ladies are frequently associated with dying, possibly simply because they're routinely built as an unknowable "other. " the 1st ladies and dying volumes examine rules approximately dying and the female as represented in German tradition due to the fact 1500, focusing, respectively, at the illustration of ladies as sufferers and killers and the belief of the lady warrior, and confirming that ladies who kill or die violent or premature deaths workout fascination while they pose a chance.

Chemistry in Theatre: Insufficiency, Phallacy or Both

This ebook examines the questions "What can technological know-how do for the theatre? " and "What can the theatre do for technological know-how? " which increase demanding situations for either theatre execs and scientists. strangely, this e-book bargains with performs firstly as examining fabric -- as texts to be learn by myself or in dramatic readings -- instead of emphasizing performances at the degree.

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Apparatus of Capture” from A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guattari consider more materially the question concerning the shift from what I have been calling, after Heidegger, “native land” to land as imperial “capture” of land as territorium. Although as with Heidegger, Deleuze and Guattari fail to consider the role of the enclosure movement in their interrogation of the rise of apparatuses of capture, their work is of interest here because of its considerable thematization of precapitalist formations of the land.

Martin Heidegger, Parmenides The revealing that rules in modern technology is a challenging, which puts to nature the unreasonable demand that it supply energy that can be extracted and stored as such. . [A] tract of land is challenged into the putting out of coal and ore. The earth now reveals itself as a coal mining district, the soil as a mineral deposit. The field that the peasant formerly cultivated and set in order appears differently than it did when to set in order still meant to take care of and to maintain.

Nor is what is subtracted a positive substance; it is instead the open-relational context of the earth, the itinerant exchange-limit that wards off monopolization. Colonization begins with the subtraction of that which wards it off. And what wards it off is neither empty raw materiality nor spirit of place but the relation of the always specific and local exchange-limit. This negation is colonization’s origin, which its discourse of “efficiency” and “correctness” occludes. Colonization is inaugurated from the ground up, and it does not so much find its origin in the demonization of its others (although this certainly occurs), nor in the marking of the other as a difference in relation to the colonial same.

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