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Пятый том авиационной энциклопедии, издававшейся с марта 1910 г.

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Ated the same periormance. On the same date Lieut. Mueller 1 mained in e air 3 hours and 39 minutes, during vllich time nd the led for nearly two hours the I ay lie been cabled erica camp work shop. Wright racing machine is being built at the Wright Bros, plant for Grover C. BergdoU, the well-known Philadelphia aviator and sportsentry aviation ni\y special Bergdoll's was engines The Wright hangars are now erected. army aviators have quarters at the old bar1 he latks, San Diego, where they also have a complete ^ A in proposal SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.

Other figures which indicate the extent of Germany's aviation facilities show that the country has sidized 47 by aeroplane the factories, Foundation for 19 being training subpilots. 000 The biggest aerohydroplane in the world has made its first trip near Friel on the Seine. marks, the Admiralty 10,000, towards the expenses The openingThe boat is eight meters 70 centimeters (27 of the German Eastern Circuit. day, June 20th, is the "Round Breslau" flight, feet six inches) long, by two meters 60 centimeters (eight feet six inches) wide.

Burgess had designed it to be. When one realizes that in this type tliere is not a right angle, that every part of the machine apparently is diagonal, where the wings formed of spiral shape are set onto the fuselage swung backward, and at a dihedral angle, one begins to realize tiic task of not only finding but establishing the center of gravity and the center of pressure at definite points, one of the peculiar requirements of the Dunne type is that the center of thrust shall pass absolutely through the longitudinal center of gravity.

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