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By Antonio L. Sapienza

Greater than one hundred fifty by no means prior to released illustrations, complimented via an exhaustively researched textual content, record the little-known air warfare among Bolivia and Paraguay throughout the past due Nineteen Twenties and early Thirties. complete information of such plane as Fiat C.R. 20s, Curtiss Hawk IIs, Curtiss Ospreys, Potez 25s and all different kinds hired through either opponents, together with acquisition, operations, and markings make this a needs to for historians, modelers, and somebody attracted to golden-age aviation.

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Reproduced with kind permission of GiD_CIMNE. 27 Surface currents calculated with FMM and Hybrid MoM/PO [2]. Reproduced by kind permission of EADS. 28 Surface currents on an ATR 72 airframe using PO [12]. ©2008 IEEE. Reproduced by kind permission of IEEE. 29 Surface currents on a Fokker 100 airframe using FMM and PO [13]. Reproduced by kind permission of IET. 31 Configuration 1 meshing and the corresponding current distribution. Reproduced by kind permission of EADS. 32 Configuration 2 meshing (red = λ/10, green = λ/6, blue = λ/3) and the corresponding current distribution.

Reproduced by kind permission of ASL [5]. See Plate 4 for the colour figure. 36 Mercator’s projection of the radiation pattern, showing lines of equal gain/power levels. Reproduced by kind permission of ASL [5]. See Plate 5 for the colour figure. 36. Thus each line represents a single different power level and we would not be able to correlate this plot with a contour plot where a number of power levels have the same colour. This looks similar to the contour plots on an Ordnance survey map or a weather map with isobars showing high and low pressures of the atmosphere.

This results in a continuous movement of energy towards the ground. Creeping waves are particularly pertinent to aircraft, since most fuselages are of circular or elliptical cross-section. The waves travel around the curved surface, taking a number of paths known as geodesics. A geodesic is defined as the shortest route between two points on a mathematically derived surface that includes the points, and in the case of the earth’s surface, this would be a segment of a great circle cut. A great circle has the same circumference as the equator.

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