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By James Lovegrove

An unique stand-alone novella in James Lovegrove's top promoting Patheon series.

Dion Yeboah leads an orderly, disciplined life... until eventually the day the spider seems. What feels like a typical arachnid seems to be Anansi, the trickster god of African legend, and its arrival throws Dion's life into chaos. Dion's already awesome felony mind is sharpened. He turns into nimbler-witted and extra ruthless, in a position to manage and lie to like by no means sooner than, either out and in of court docket. He has been remodeled into Anansi's avatar on the earth. then he discovers the fee he has to pay for his new-found talents: he needs to commute to the USA and participate in a competition among avatars of the entire different trickster gods. It's a life-or-death conflict of wits, choked with skulduggery and double-cross. on the finish, just one may be left status.

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