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By Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett has earned a spot within the hearts of readers across the world together with his bestselling Discworld sequence - yet in recent times he has turn into both famous and revered as an outspoken campaigner for explanations together with Alzheimer's study and animal rights. A Slip of the Keyboard brings jointly for the 1st time the best examples of Pratchett's non fiction writing, either critical and surreal: from musings on mushrooms to what it capability to be a author (and why banana daiquiris are so important); from stories of Granny Pratchett to hypothesis approximately Gandalf's love lifestyles, and passionate defences of the factors expensive to him.

With the entire humour and humanity that experience made his novels so enduringly renowned, this assortment brings Pratchett out from behind the curtain of the Discworld to talk for himself - guy and boy, bibliophile and computing device geek, champion of hats, orang-utans and Dignity in death.

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Attributing the prototypical pratfall to Thaïes places it at the very dawn of Greek philosophy. Thaïes of Miletus was one of the early preSocratics, living from the mid-seventh to the mid-sixth century B . C . E . Herodotus puts him at the top of his list of Seven Sages. Thaïes is known, among other things, for his belief that water is the primal element and for his statement that the world is full of gods. , a feat that, no doubt, necessitated a lot of skygazing. If Plato wanted to suggest that the philosophical enterprise lends itself to being laughed at, he could not have chosen a better philosopher to make his point.

Animals play; animals do not laugh or joke. Also, homo ludens has a greater capacity to create an 14 Anatomy of the Comic enclosed reality than homo ridens. To repeat the terms we have used before, the comic is more fugitive, more interwoven with the fabric of everyday life; conversely, play is less likely to be a subtle subtext, rather requires a more deliberate separation from ordinary activities. Playing, it seems, must always be deliberately initiated (this is what Huizinga means by its freedom); it is made to happen.

In the dialogue Theaetetus, Plato puts the following anecdote into the mouth of Socrates: [T]he jest which the clever witty Thracian handmaid is said to have made about Thaïes, when he fell into a well as he was looking up at the stars. She said that he was so eager to know what was going on in heaven that he could not see what was before his feet. 1 And Plato adds the observation that this mockery applies to anyone who gets involved in philosophy. Actually, the anecdote has an earlier version.

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