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Not really. There’s just no other way to handle the situation. So take your money out very s-l-o-w-l-y and say, “I have a bus pass, but I don’t have it with me, so . ” Then trail off and smile tensely. If the driver waves you through, then hooray! You’ve just earned a free ride! If the driver doesn’t stop you from paying, then hooray! You’ve just earned the right to jam cash in the box and storm down the aisle, frowning at the floor and shaking your head with righteously bottled-up indignation.

Pulling a child in a Hurley rates above solo riding. Biking with a dog on a leash can move you up or down, depending on the well-being of the dog: up if the dog is fully engaged in the process, down if he’s panting and fearful. But if bikes are tops, what’s tops for bikes? That would be the recumbent bike. It sits high atop the Hierarchy, a guiding light, humble and twinkly. My own recumbent bike is constructed of reclaimed military hardware and sports the distinctive lumpy brown hemp tires made by one of those guys down in Portland.

Park in a compact-only spot and you can expect a stern glance from me. Dislodge it from your back and decode it at your leisure. While doing so, please also remember that if I park in that same spot in a Subaru Legacy, the words “Compact Only” are obscured and therefore not applicable. Seem unfair? Not once you understand the history. ” They might have laughed at our “toy cars,” but we were saving money and the planet. The joke was on them as our sensible little CVCC engines buzzed past overheated Mercury Bobcats strewn along the sides of the nation’s roads.

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