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After the dana it is important that the merits gained through the offering be transferred to the deceased so as to enable him to be swiftly reborn into the Realms of Happiness. It is normal practice for one to invite friends to participate when one does Sanghika Dana in memory of the deceased. When we are doing something wholesome, we must not do that privately, but instead make it known to others and encourage them to join in the merit making. Even if they do not offer anything, there is still wholesomeness in appreciating other people’s good deeds.

At a time when the Blessed One was proceeding to Rajagaha, King Bimbisara (who had tried to offer his kingdom to the Bodhisatta earlier) went to visit him with thousands of brahmins. After hearing the Dhamma, King Bimbisara was on that very day established in the fruit of Sotapatti. He then invited the Buddha to a meal in the palace on the following day. During the alms-giving the departed next-of-kin petas of King Bimbisara stood outside the walls of the palace thinking. ” However, after the alms-giving King Bimbisara neglected to dedicate the merits of the merit-making to his departed next-ofkin petas, as he was pre-occupied about choosing a suitable site to built a vihara for the Buddha.

And how great merit can be stored away by you.  R Buddhism beliefs and practices in Sri Lanka, Lynn De Silva,  Facing Death & Finding Hope, Christine Longaker, Arrow,  Final Gifts, Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelly, Bantam, April . H. Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, Bangkok,  How a Theravadin Buddhist Chinese Funeral may be conducted, Venerable Suvanno, Sukhi Hotu Sdn Bhd,  Loving and Dying, Visuddhācāra, Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre,  The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche, Rider,  Beliefs and Practices among Malaysian Chinese Buddhists, Tan Teik Beng, Buddhist Missionary Society,   D O M May we rejoice in the merits of this Dhamma Dana and attain the bliss of Nibbana.

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