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By R. K. Pandey

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After the first leaves appear, the plant starts making its own food. 25 Factors affecting seedling growth — water • • • 26 Soil moisture is essential for even germination and seedling growth. Roots grow poorly in dry soil and cannot absorb nutrients for the plant. Too much water also reduces growth and may kill seedlings. Factors affecting seedling growth — temperature • Seedlings grow fast in warm weather. But high temperatures, above 40oC, reduce growth and may kill seedlings. 27 Factors affecting seedling growth — light intensity • 28 Bright sunlight helps seedlings grow vigorously.

Seed filling • Seed yields depend upon the rate and length of time that dry • weight accumulates in the seed. Nitrogen-fixing rate is highest at the beginning of this stage but drops sharply later. 49 Seed filling • Nutrients • 50 accumulated in the leaves and other vegetative parts are transferred to the seeds. Leaves begin to yellow and oldest leaves start falling. Ripening • • As pods and seeds develop, they are less likely to drop off. Number of pods per plant is set. Soybean seeds turn yellow as they ripen.

Soybean seeds turn yellow as they ripen. They must dry before harvest. 51 Full maturity • After 95 percent of the pods have turned yellow, 5 to 7 days of • 52 drying weather are needed. Rain at this time can spoil the seeds. Timely harvesting is necessary to prevent seed loss in the field. The roots Functions of the roots 55 Root development 56 Root distribution 57 Functions of the roots • • • The roots transport nutrients and water to the rest of the plant. They support the shoot and its parts.

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